Felix Dzerzhinsky: A Biography


Felix Dzerzhinsky, one of the great revolutionaries, was a steadfast Communist, a staunch defender of the revolution, a fighter for a better future for his own country and people and the whole of mankind. He was a man to be feared by the enemies of the revolution, a man whose life was a never-ending struggle to realize the ideals of communism. Though short, his life was full and eventful. A convinced Bolshevik-Leninist, who following the victory of the Bolshevik Revolution served as Chairman of the Vechecka, People’s Commissar of Transport, and Chairman of the Supreme Economic Council of the USSR. He was a truly popular hero who struck terror into the bourgeoisie. Fellow- Bolsheviks nick-named him “iron Felix”, paying tribute to his loyalty to the cause of revolution.

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Publication Date: September 12, 2023
Pages: 325
Binding: Paperback

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