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Lenin on the Woman Question


Lenin On The Woman Question is a remarkable pamphlet in which Lenin through a discussion with Clara Zetkin highlights key issues for the emancipation of women. Lenin so succinctly stated the Bolshevik view on the Woman Question in the quote from the pamphlet:

“That is why it is right for us to put forward demands favorable to women. That is not a minimum, a reform program in the sense of the Social Democrats, of the Second International. It is not a recognition that we believe in the eternal character, or even in the long duration of the rule of the bourgeoisie and their state. It is not an attempt to appease women by reforms and to divert them from the path of revolutionary struggle. It is not that nor any other reformist swindle. Our demands are practical conclusions which we have drawn from the burning needs, the shameful humiliation of women, in bourgeois society, defenseless and without rights”

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Publication Date: June 4, 2024
Pages: 48
Binding: Paperback


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