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Marxist Glossary Book


A concise glossary of terms used in Marxist literature, with not just definitions, but frequently with quotes from classic Marxist-Leninist writers further explaining the terms. The “Marxist Glossary,” however, is so much larger in size, and so much more definitive and comprehensive in treatment, that we consider it would be incorrect to regard it simply as a second edition of the earlier work, excellent and useful as it was. This Marxist Glossary is really new work.

The best way to use this work is, first, to recognize it as being no more than what its title indicates, a glossary, i.e., a compilation of brief definitions and explanations of words and terms employed by Communist writers. The Glossary will serve as a handy aid to the student of Marxist literature. To regard the Glossary as a substitute for the consistent study of the basic Marxist works, a sort of catechism to be learned by rote, would be fatal to any attempt to acquire a real understanding of Socialism-Communism, and Marxism-Leninism.

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Publication Date: September 15, 2019
Pages: 92
Binding: Paperback

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