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Zionism: Its Role in World Politics


A Marxist investigation and analysis of the roots and nature of this potent political world force. Dr. Lumer demonstrates that Zionism, a bourgeois-nationalist reactionary outlook; has always been a ready ally of world imperialism in general, and of the U.S. oil monopolies in particular. The book clearly shows the reader that Zionism does great harm, not alone to the Arab peoples, but to the working masses of Israel as well.

In a period when global opinion tilts more and more against the expansionist policies of the Israeli rulers, and when the relationship of forces in the world move steadily in favor of the world Socialist system, the strident anti-Sovietism of Zionism is political lunacy. It has within it the seeds of a world nuclear explosion whose results can surpass the biblical Armageddon.


Publication Date: February 11, 2024
Pages: 206
Binding: Paperback


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